Away from home, Am I really TOP 3%?

Before starting my university let me introduce myself a bit.

KeviG Tatios is my name, the Art director and the senior graphic designer at with over 12 years of experience in Branding development for both online and physical businesses. With background education of information technology and online business development graduated from the Greenwich University of London incorporating with SVUniversity .

My story starting point was the Syrian war that reset my life from a person who has ongoing business and successful design agency to a person that has nothing else than a desk and laptop in a foreign city he never used to live in, to someone passed all over this with the help of the outsourcing and internet and managing bigger business with +5 high-quality employees.

One of my old clients & friend his name is Dawoud has recommended me a book long time ago maybe this book has the biggest effect on my and made me not stop and think about the past. The book called “Who Moved My Cheese” for Spencer Johnson. this book has the motivation and push to deal with change.

My new start wasn’t that easy especially when you are the owner of your own business and you want to work for another people especially if you have the entrepreneurship soul.

I heard about freelancing and online money making, but it wasn’t realistic for me in the beginning. I’ve researched a lot online till I found some reviews about the online contest type websites, I taught that was the easiest option. I used to participate up to 30 design contests monthly at the rate of 2/30 winner design which is not that bad.

Then I’ve decided to find something better than what I do I found a sponsor to create my own startup design contest website for the MENA region and unfortunately it was a fail. and the reason was untrusted developer I found on a freelancers website I’ve later built a business on after the website fail.

The bright site of the project was the same website that was my fail reason because the lack of my experience to chose someone online. I used the other freelancers weaknesses to build my clients trust and relationship, what makes from the site full time job for me that makes good living after I’ve started to recognise the importance and the scale of services marketplace online I’ve built my own online agency with the help of my lovely wife “Marta” who is also graphic design specialist and now she is in charge of managing and developing our startup we started to have new our startup source of projects and clients added to the second service.

Now the passion that makes you always look for something bigger and much more interesting landed me on TOPTAL platform that at the first second it got my attention and concern to by the must important quote they have ( Hire the top 3%) this what makes me more curious and interested to be in the TOP 3% community of TOPTAL?.

I have strong feeling that will be my next step up to stairs.

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